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Sword Rite

I offer a bare bones version of this rite, "blocking" essentially, as I greatly espouse extemporaneous utterances in ritual contexts (they are more fun) and I wish the rite be adaptable for whichever divine cultural milieu an Asphodelian celebrant might prefer. Also, as this rite is performed from season to season, my wish is that it never become stale or overly repetitious, encouraging thoughtfulness as to the meaning and implications of the rite to all celebrants. It may be performed in silence, excepting the battle cry, or with an accompanying drumbeat, if desired.

- a decorated "buddy burner" or shortened tiki torch
- any sword will do
- any beverage will serve, use a nice cup
- appropriate scented oil on cotton cloth (no synthetics)

Place and light the flame, either sticking the torch in the earth or placing the brazier. Speak praise of, honor, or otherwise call the Spirit of Fire. Speak in praise of Wisdom and call the Spirit of Air.

Draw your sword and salute the four directions. Give a battle cry or yell.

Raise the swordspoint to the sky and call the sky god of your choosing to witness or otherwise bless the proceedings. Reverse the blade, holding the hilt to your breast. Speak in your own words, comparing the crafting of the blade (or its maintenance) to your personal/spiritual development. Plunge the blade into the Earth at your feet. Call upon the Spirit of Earth. Request the earth god/dess of your choosing to hold, succor, or otherwise bless your goals/pledges/honor. Alternately, speak of steadfastness and patience.

Fill the cup and pour the libation on the ground by blade and brazier. Call the Spirit of Water. Speak of letting go of ego and valuing peace. Alternately, speak of giving libation and honor to ancestors fallen by the sword.

Kneel by the sword and the flame, and affirm and pledge to be like the embodiment of sword (or steel). Rise, take up your sword. Wipe it with oil from the cloth, and then burn the cloth on the sword's tip in the brazier.

Sheathe your sword. Extinguish the flame. Meditate silently for a moment.

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