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Knightly Order of Blutwasser

[KNIGHT]The Knightly Order of Blutwasser is an order of Pagan knighthood open to people of all genders. The Knights study and honor the spiritual archetype of the honorable warrior in service to the higher goal. The KoB organizes charitable events to aid both Pagans and non-Pagans in our community.

Knights believe that the warrior energy in each of us is sacred, but like the element of fire, it must be carefully harnessed and disciplined. The preeminent qualities that a Knight of Asphodel must have are courage and discipline.


Bushido: The Warrior Code of the Samurai by Sir Caz

Ordeal Ritual For My Knighthood by Sir Caz

Warrior Archetypes:

I: Ares/Mars - The Adrenalin Warrior
  II: Athena - Warrior As Strategist
  III: Scathach - Teacher of Warriors
  IV: Brigid - The Work Of War
  V: Tyr - The Yoke Of Honor
  VI: Cuchulain - Sacred Berserker
  VII: Arthur - The Chivalrous Warrior
  VIII: Thor - Defending The Needy
  IX: Sekhmet - Dangerous Instinct
  X: Hercules - Heroic Insanity
  XI: Durga - Defeating Demons

Q: What does all this warrior stuff have to do with pagan spirituality? Aren't pagans peaceful? Isn't war wrong?

That's a complex question, and the answer has to have many layers as well. First of all, honoring your warrior spirit doesn't have to mean that you are going to take up arms and kill someone in service to a government. Being a warrior means that you are willing to fight for what you believe is right, whatever that is. It might be for a cause you believe in. It might be about defending those you love. It might be about having courage in the face of the obstacles that Life sends us. It might even be a battle with your inner demons, which is probably the hardest war of all. The KOB and the OMA work with channeling the warrior spirit into useful and honorable outlets. Although they both have a martial focus (the OMA moreso than the KOB), their focus is courage, discipline, and self-improvement rather than blindly following some flag into battle. Insensitive governments prefer the unconscious warrior, because he's easier to control. Conscious, honorable, spiritually aware warriors - which is what we try to encourage - are a force to be reckoned with.

In astrological terms, the force of Mars - action, aggression, the need to make a forceful impact on our world - is naturally a part of us all. Some people have more Mars energy than others. Telling them that this is a wrong way to be is not only incorrect but useless. To date, much of the neo-pagan movement has neglected the Mars force. This may be because they associate the warrior with the oppressor, but it has alienated a lot of Martial types who will never be quiet peaceful people with nary a violent streak. In Asphodel, we seek to reclaim the best of every archetype, while weeding out the parts that can be too destructive. The Spiritual Warrior is important, and we have made a place for her/him in our Kingdom.

Q: What is involved in becoming a Knight?

Candidates start out as squires and study for a minimum of a year. During this time, they are assigned to a knight for their training. The knight in question has full responsibility for giving their squire whatever training and information they may need, sending them to other teachers if necessary. Areas of study may include physical martial arts, magical combat, history, mythology, anthropology, etiquette, or any other field of study that the knight in question feels is necessary. The knight also aids the squire in designing and carrying out a personal ordeal of courage. After this, the candidate must write a paper on some aspect of the spiritual warrior, including a statement as to why they wish to enter in to the responsibility of knighthood.

At the same time, the squire is obligated to serve the knight in their duties in any fair and reasonable way. After the term of squirehood, which lasts until the knight master and the Senior Knight of the Order have determined that the candidate is ready, the squire will be initiated in a public ceremony at one of the major Asphodelian events. Knights swear fealty to the Crown of Asphodel, and are considered minor nobility. As such, they are expected to abide by the rules of noblesse oblige, just like any other member of the nobility. 

The Knightly Order of Blutwasser does not discriminate on the basis of bodily configuration. Any sex, gender presentation, race, or appearance is allowed. A certain level of physical disability is allowed, so long as it does not interfere with pulling one's own weight with regard to knightly duties. Knights must undertake earnest study of at least one martial art and/or magical combat system. They must dedicate themselves to one or more warrior deities, and they must build a shrine to their patron or make an offering to an existing shrine. They must keep an honor altar at home with their ceremonial weapon displayed. They must wear their official KOB uniform at all events where they have official duties, unless assigned to another responsibility by the Senior Knight or the Crown. For information on the KOB, contact Sir Tannin, Senior Knight of Asphodel at bonesand@gmail.com.

Q: What if I am seriously drawn to the Warrior archetype, but I don't want to swear fealty and/or service is just not my thing?

If you are a member of Asphodel, and you are serious about this, we'd probably suggest you resurrect the Order of Masters of Arms. This is an Order for those who have a longstanding commitment to one or more martial arts, but aren't interested in being part of the hierarchy of Asphodel. It has not been active for a good number of years, but for a while held meetings for discussion and martial arts practice. The OMA works with the archetype of the Questing Warrior. Armsmasters (and Armsmistresses) vow themselves to their code of honor, and to a quest for excellence. They provide training for both the Brigantian Order of the Reynard Rampant and the Knightly Order of Blutwasser in the martial arts; aid with the creation of practice and parade arms for the Kingdom, share equally with the KOB in the security positions during events; and study and honor the spiritual archetype of the questing warrior in all its forms, including the warrior's code of honor. They must be proficient in at least one martial art, able to handle at least one non-firearm weapon, able to handle a security position, and able to write a statement describing their personal code of honor. Apprenticeships are for at least a year.

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